Amulet's impact will radiate far beyond its own physical presence in London and it will be commissioned in other financial centres of the world. It's universal symbolism will also become a highly respected mark of financial leadership and best-in-class investments - highlighting the work of sustainable finance pioneers and leaders.

Through our unique engagement programme, we will seek to inspire a wide cross section of society from millennials, financiers, philanthropists and other artists.

Individuals too will be encouraged to show their allegiance to financing a better future, and the design can be used in a range of materials and mediums from badges, brooches, logos, phone apps and more.

We also hope that the sculpture will become the ‘backdrop of choice’ for media coverage on stories covering sustainable finance.


The icon will be used in a wide range of mediums from kite-marks, brooches, logos to apps.


  • Global Symbol - An icon of the future of finance, one that starts in London and is commissioned in other global financial centres
  • A Mark of Leadership - A highly respected kite-mark of sustainable finance leadership in best-in-class green and social funds
  • Education and Public Engagement - A rallying point to educate, engage and campaign with different groups on the planetary importance of sustainable finance
  • Charitable Action - A conduit to support charitable projects working on sustainable finance
  • Culture and Arts - To inspire other artistic work to embed the values of sustainable finance into the financial system
  • Corporate Social Responsibility - To interconnect CSR work in areas such as environment, education and the arts