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“We need to be confident about placing markers in all the financial markets and encourage sustainable finance to be more visible.”

Tessa Tennant, OBE 2018

We’re creating an ambitious public sculpture celebrating the transformative power of finance to tackle our planet’s most pressing environmental and social concerns – and we need your help to make it happen.

AMULET is designed by Dalziel + Scullion, two leading British artists, and will be prominently installed in the heart of the City of London. Standing four metres (13 feet) high, this striking artwork will educate and engage the public about the urgent importance of sustainable finance. AMULET’s message will radiate far beyond London, serving as a powerful symbol of the sustainable finance movement and become a benchmark for best practice in financial centres around the world.

The project has been inspired by the life and work of Tessa Tennant, OBE (1959-2018), a trailblazing pioneer of responsible investment.With your help, we plan to unveil this extraordinary sculpture in 2020.


Dalziel + Scullion’s proposal for AMULET was selected in 2018 following an artist competition.

“AMULET monumentalises a simple gesture, a twisted loop of grass, to draw attention to our relationship with and dependence on the Earth. A timeless symbol, the circle is associated with the reciprocity of the Earth and the idea that nature and finance must become equal partners. The gilded circle of AMULET evokes a wealth that is bound to the earth and to sustainability. Throughout history, cultures have used braided material as both a tool and a metaphor where each strand is made stronger by being bound with others – individuals and collectives who come together for the greater good.”

Dalziel + Scullion, 2019


Matthew Dalziel and Louise Scullion’s artworks serve as conduits between people and nature, helping us to re-establish our connection with the natural world. From their Scottish based studios they explore new ways to engage with and interpret the environment.Their internationally acclaimed works have been widely exhibited in the UK and abroad, from the V&A to the Venice Biennale.


Sustainable finance marries the concept of sound financial investment with social, ethical and environmental issues – for example, investing in initiatives to reduce poverty, or by addressing the need for us all to fight catastrophic climate change or biodiversity loss. Located in one of the world’s financial capitals, AMULET will bring attention to the co-dependent connections that link humanity, finance and nature and the significance of sustainable finance as a planetary imperative.


The Sustainable Finance Sculpture Project is a project of CDP Worldwide, a registered charity (No. 1122330) and a company limited by guarantee, incorporated and registered in England and Wales (No. 05013650), with its registered office at Plantation Place South, 60 Great Tower Street, London EC3R 5AD.

Committee Members

The project committee is led by experts in sustainable finance, climate change, art and design with specialist expertise from Modus Operandi, a leading public art consultancy.

  • James Cameron, Chair of the Sculpture Project, Chairman, Overseas Development Institute, Senior Advisor, SystemiQ
  • Ian Callaghan, Founder and Lead Author at NDCI.global; Co-founder, Climate Finance Accelerator
  • Mark Campanale, Founder and Executive Director of Carbon Tracker
  • Rose Dempsey, Head of Communications, Serpentine Gallery
  • Paul Dickinson, Treasurer of the Sculpture Project, Executive Chair of CDP
  • Nick Robins, Professor in Practice for Sustainable Finance at Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change & the Environment
  • Ciara Shannon, Director, EdenWorks
  • Jeremy Smith, Partner of Norburn Partners, Trustee of CDP
  • William Staempfli, Architect, General Manager Glen Estate


We are very grateful to everyone who has donated to the first phase of our project. Most donations have been from friends, family and colleagues of Tessa Tennant, OBE (1959-2018).

A Phased Fundraising Approach

Based on projects of a similar nature, total costs are expected to be in the region of £330,000 to take us to the launch in 2020. To ensure the success of this project, we are raising funds and delivering the project in three distinct phases. In Phase 1, which is now complete, we raised over £50,000 for a design competition and artist selection, site feasibility studies, communications, project management and fundraising.

We are currently seeking £30,000 to cover Phase 2 costs, which include detailed designs, communication and legal fees for copyright. Phase 3 is expected to cost £250,000 in artist fees, materials, installation, planning applications, project management, communications and unveiling costs.

It is not possible to make refunds for this project, which is why we are raising funds and delivering the project in phases. If for any reason the project doesn’t reach completion or surplus funds are collected, any remaining funds will be donated to a charity chosen by the sculpture committee.

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